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a DuRegger project

A DuRegger Project is straight creative projects by Sam DuRegger. The first project to be designated “A DuRegger Project” are the tables and stand-up counter at Woodshed Coffee & Tea’s new retail space.

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Responsible for setting the digital product vision and development trajectory for a $4 billion brand. Leads Product Management team for all digital channels: Web, Mobile, and POPS (Point of Personalized Service). Responsible for digital roadmap, requirements, prototyping and delivery of digital products.

This is how you SONIC!

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Alpha Dominche

As the Director of Marketing and Business Development, I had a highly caffeinated role at Alpha Dominche a coffee brewing start-up in Salt Lake City. I led the marketing and education initiatives, as well as engaging new business opportunities -- including over 20 national distributors and international distribution in Australia, Taiwan, Japan, China and South Korea.

Get punk'd!

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Role: Senior Producer. At welikesmall in Salt Lake City, UT, I produced and managed multiple interactive projects (digital, physical, and video) for clients such as: Ford Motor Company, Subaru, A&E channel, EA Sports, American Express, USGA’s U.S. Open, USTA’s US Open, and LEAF Brand College Savings.

Heavily involved in bringing in new business, via proposal writing, budget accrual and account management.

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Role: Digerati - Project Lead. Was incredibly lucky to have been apart of a team that launched and it's requisite apps into the world, The Bible App now has over 180MM users worldwide in 50+ languages. During my time at YouVersion, I managed a creative staff of five, and up to ten contractors in a multi-project environment. Notable projects include:, YouVersion Apps (iOS, Android, and BlackBerry),,, *YouVersion, The Bible App, currently has more than 100 million users worldwide.

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Role: Builder at Dwolla. As a payment network, Dwolla offers safe and secure transactions from your bank account via speedy ACH transactions. Dwolla believes a dollar should not lose it's value when passed from one person to another. In my role at Dwolla I was asked to strengthen their marketing efforts around non-profits, churches, and local retail shops. I loved my short duration at Dwolla, but as startups go the business shifted after their second round of financing, from consumer focused to a B2B focus. It is one of the most unfortunate things to ever have happened in my career, as my role was made irrelevant... but true to their word, they helped me land another gig and soon I was off to Salt Lake City to join a small digital interactive agency. Below you'll find some of my concepts for marketing, and a short writing meeting Ashton Kutcher, who was one of Dwolla's investors.

The Day I Met Ashton

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Below are a handful of logos I commissioned from various illustrators and graphic designers. In the making of the logos my role was to understand the vision and strategy of the brand and deliver concepts to be then designed by the paid professional. I claim no credit for these designs, but have posted them here as an example of my creative direction in branding.