What I'm doing now...

If I've said NO to you recently it is because I'm focused on the things below. Nothing personal, I just want to continue to get shit done. Live like no other, so you can someday live like no other. 

Priorities (in order of importance):

  • Family -- evenings/weekends are for spending time with my wife and four girls... if I don't seem available assume I'm busy with my family.
  • Dadbod --  Working towards losing weight to be an active dad for my gaggle of girls, started at CrossFit 405 on January 7th. Currently 240lbs, need to get down to 200, because #dadbod.   Currently Rehabbing Shoulder — Read More
  • Sonic Drive-In -- Director of Product Management within the Marketing group. Everything digital--web, mobile, POPS, and gap experiences. I spend most days working to push innovation forward at Sonic, with a focus on technology delivery on aforementioned platforms. UPDATE: Order Ahead is nationally available -- read more here.  Last day at SONIC is March 15th — Read More
  • Woodshed Coffee & Tea -- 7518 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK. Open 7am to 7pm, Monday through Saturday, CLOSED SUNDAY.  Go here for pics and here for press inquiries
  • Seven Days -- Seven daily prompts to re-connect the digitally distracted to what is good in this world. UPDATE: finalized writer’s template and working on three initial journals:
    • Seven Days to or from I Do by Sam DuRegger,
    • Seven Days to Gratitude by Jason Jackson, 
    • Seven Days to Abide by Billy Patterson
  • On Deck:
    • StoryBuild Journals -- Everyday carry journals for product managers, visual designers, UX designers, videographers, directors and visual storytellers. Paused as of January 1, 2019. Working on learnings from prototypes and pilot feedback.
    • StoryBuild For Kids -- Draw your own adventure coloring books for kids. In design/prototype phase. Looking forward to releasing these, as my kids have loved the early prototypes!
  • Consulting -- I am currently  NOT AVAILABLE  for consulting around product innovation, omni-channel technology driven experiences, and entrepreneurial policy.


If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was Wednesday, March 13, 2019.
Now page inspired by Derek Sivers and the nownownow project.