Words. More than scribbles on a page, these words drive action. Born from my experiences, the following propel me towards my aspirations, no matter how audacious.


I live to create. With a brush, pen, camera or mouse, it doesnʼt matter -- each medium is an extension of who I am. My purpose is to use my creations to inspire others to live out their unique calling in this world.

I believe in collaborating on projects with multiple people, this ensures each concept is unique and impressive. My promise is to be humble in my opinions but unwavering in my beliefs. I will treat others with respect, ensuring that dialogue be constructive and open.


Inspiration -  I will seek inspiration  through education and exploration. Motivated to bring the best to those around me, so that, they will be inspired to bring the best to their everyday. Synonyms: energize, incite, rouse, motivate, stir, affect, spark.

Collaboration - I recognize that I do not hold the patent on creativity... rather it is a product of many voices, talents and abilities harmonizing into one beautiful and unique creation. Synonyms: fraternize, co-operating, blending, pooling, balancing.

Sincerity - In every relationship, project and task I will seek honesty, integrity, and transparency. Synonyms: straightforward, open, reliable, trustworthy.

Tenacity - I will be persistent in my pursuit of inspiration. Whether through travel, education, the red letters or deeper relationships, I will be resolute in pursuing growth both personally and spiritually. Synonyms: unshakable, steadfast, resolute, tireless, strong-willed.

Stewardship - As stewards of what we’ve been given, I will donate a portion of my paycheck to environmental and social issues. Synonyms: protect, pledge, shell-out, provide, give back, grant.

Responsibility - I will do my best to reduce my carbon footprint on this earth and bring awareness to the environmental issues of today. Synonyms: sustainability, environmentally-friendly, non-polluting, green.