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Toddler Beds

I've made four very different (but kinda the same) beds for each of my daughters. The first bed for Hadassah was made in Salt Lake City with help from friend Chad Parkinson of The Furniture Joint. He spent time walking me through the process, checking my work, and letting me build. I took that lesson and applied it three more times in my garage -- producing unique variations of the original design.

Design: © 2013 by Sam DuRegger

Project Details:

Legs:Hairpin Legs

Thanks:Furniture Joint

Cork Tables for Woodshed Coffee & Tea

Could not have been more excited about this project, I had found some industrial grade cork planks begging to be turned into a table for conversation. First prototype introduced me to some issues with my design, and by pulling the plywood base all the way out to the edge, gave the table adequate support. Edges were then routed to produced a soft rounded edge, and inlay was painted to complete the aesthetic.

Design: © 2018 by Sam DuRegger

Project Details:

Legs:Hairpin Legs

Wood: Sustainable Industrial Cork top; 3/4" hardwood plywood; pine inlay

Food Safe Sealant: XXXXXXX

production pre-install post-install

Cork Countertop for Woodshed Coffee & Tea

Launching off the success of the cork tables, I began the design and construction of a 27' standup countertop for the Northside of Woodshed's space. Difficulty in this project was in the production of the full length in my garage, I had designed a way to connect, and if I were to do this again, these connectors would have to be redesigned, as installation was tough! We got it in and adjusted on site, which was super good. Very happy with the result and the customers reaction to having a standup counter (with optional stools) to work from.

Design: © 2018 by Sam DuRegger

Project Details:

Top: Sustainable Industrial Cork top; 3/4"

Bottom: Hardwood plywood; 3/4"

Inlay: Pine inlay painted white

Side Tables

Side Tables for Woodshed Coffee & Tea

This was a fun project to fit a custom designed side table on a large oversized couch from Interior Define. For this project I wanted to match the color from Woodshed Tea's Ruby Hibiscus herbal tea, which means Purple Heart all the way, matched end-to-end with a sustainable bamboo core, it turned out beautifully matched both in size and color compliments. Because of the R & L aspect of the couch, I had to make two separate side tables with opposite profiles. Fun project and I have heard great comments by Woodshed patrons.

Design: © 2018 by Sam DuRegger

Project Details:

Wax: Briwax -- Natural Creamed Beeswax

Wood: Purple Heart & Bamboo

Thanks: Woodcraft