What can I do within the constraints of my values, family, and work?

Wake Up Early

Own your morning, elevate your life.

Mornings, when the house is silent and the world is sleeping there is an opportunity for uninterrupted solitude and space to pursue health and wholeness. I am committing to getting up at 5am, Monday through Friday to get centered for the day ahead.

Eat Healthy

Food is fuel.

Moderation and portion control should be the focus. Sugar, alcohol, bagels are wonderful inventions that don't need to be ingested everyday. Stay within your carbohydrate allotment, track your eating, and know what you are putting into your body, so that you know how it effects your energy, attention, and focus.

7,500 steps a day

Walk it out.

10,000 steps is about 3 miles, in my current occupation which requires a sedentary position for the majority of the day, 3 miles is tough to get everyday, but 7,500 isn't. Just walk. Move. Bundle up when it's cold and bring a change of clothes when it's hot. Don't make excuses, just make it happen.

30 minutes of fitness M/W/F

Fit it in!

Fitness isn't about getting huge. Fitness is about fitting into your pants, shirts, and swimsuits. It's about being able to enjoy activity, whether that is a hike, a pickup basketball game, or a 5k without fear of injury or stroke!

60 minutes of fitness on Sat/Sun

Be a weekend warrior.

You have time on the weekends to get an aerobic workout in. Take advantage of mornings and sleepy family members to get workouts in without sacrificing weekend breakfast duty. Arcadia mountain bike trails, Oakdale football field and track, or Sod Farm loop on your road bike. Get Outside.

Activity with family

Families that play together, stay together

Do stuff with your family, outside and often. Tennis courts, golf course driving range, basketball hoop in driveway, fishing pond, bike rides, trails around Acardia, hunt for morels, trips to ski in the mountains, races and obstacles courses, and backyard corn hole. Be active, be together.


Daily actions and weekly rhythms create opportunity to achieve something great. It's never too early to begin the work.