2011-2012 - Builder

As a payment network, Dwolla offers safe and secure transactions from your bank account via speedy ACH transactions. Dwolla believes a dollar should not lose it's value when passed from one person to another. In my role at Dwolla I was asked to strengthen their marketing efforts around non-profits, churches, and local retail shops. I loved my short duration at Dwolla, but as startups go the business shifted after their second round of financing, from consumer focused to a B2B focus. It is one of the most unfortunate things to ever have happened in my career, as my role was made irrelevant... but true to their word, they helped me land another gig and soon I was off to Salt Lake City to join a small digital interactive agency. Below you'll find some of my concepts for marketing, and a short writing meeting Ashton Kutcher, who was one of Dwolla's investors.

The Day I Met Ashton