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launch people not products…

I've got a friend that was also a co-worker. We made some awesome stuff over at Sonic and I wanted to post this tweet thread. Why now? Mainly because I'm not so great at tooting my own horn and awfully proud of the work we did over at SONIC. We built the Order Ahead app, POPS personalized experience and the cloud infrastructure to support it... The SONIC Order Ahead app is kinda killing it right now with an almost 7 figure day a couple weeks ago, driven by happy hour anytime (half-priced drinks all day long when ordering through the app). Our mobile app was also up for a Cannes Lions award this year, which is nice.

Walter has since moved on to bigger and badder things at a competitor to SONIC. Not without posting this biblical farewell thread! Navigate to through tweet to read entire thread.

What can I say... It's one thing to build with your friends and another to launch your friends into their fullest potential. This guy is going to dominate at his next stop and he'll do it with brazen candor, in a style his own, all the while bringing people along for the ride. #props

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