December 4, 2015 - Comments Off on for the love of coffee and tea

for the love of coffee and tea

Quick trip to Salt Lake City this week to attend La Barba's annual shareholders meeting... was a great time to catch up with the team and see where the brand is going. Josh, the CEO, also asked the question, "Why did you want to get involved in Charming Beard (now La Barba) in the first place, and what do you want out of this as shareholders?"

A great question.

We are not your normal group of entrepreneurs. With 9 founding members, some with Class A stock (voting rights) and others with Class B stock, there is potential for division. Most of us have full-time jobs doing other things in the world -- two photographers, one architect, one writer, one interactive director, one developer, one foodie, one musician, and one PhD student -- an eclectic mix of opinions and experience. But the fantastic thing about this group, is there is very little divisiveness... we are, as a whole excited about the brand, the product, the performance, and the vision. We are aligned in the exit strategy (or lack thereof), and have thrown money, sweat, and assets at the project because we believe in it.

Quite fun. And it doesn't hurt when the business is making money and growing exponentially... which is nice.

We sat around eating some Este Pizza, and partaking in some Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout #62 from EPIC brewery... which, by the way, is like drinking chocolate-coffee syrup with a beer chaser... so, basically drinking liquid wonderful, and I was transported back to the moment four of us first sat down to start the adventure. The excitement still there and with the others in the room, the opportunity palpable.

Here is to 2016.

The next day was my day to get the sales team acquainted with Woodshed Tea, and we had a good time talking tea education and preparation. We capped the loose leaf tea sampling with a beautiful exploration of Woodshed's Japanese Matcha, which, when prepared with foamed milk creates liquid gold.

Gold Jerry. Gold.

Matcha Latte. Green tea. #tea #trainingday #SLC

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We got the pastry chef, Natalie Keller, of Finca involved in the tasting and got everyone buzzing at the opportunity for Matcha Latte's on the menu! We may have been buzzing because of all the caffeine, artificially induced or not, we had some fun.

Tea time with Sam from Woodshed Tea out of OKC. Keep your ear to the ground for details of this budding relationship. @woodshedtea

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Fun day of training at @labarbaSLC, with Joe Evans & sales team!!

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After the tasting at the flagship La Barba shop in downtown SLC, we ran some tea over to the hidden gem in La Barba's quiver of cafe's, at the College of Pharmacy building on University of Utah's campus. Run by Simon Živný, this small footprint boasts a new sandwich line and an extremely focused and customer favorite manager/barista. Simon brings incredible attention to craft and was stoked to get to know each of the Woodshed Three. He also then prepared an incredible Matcha Latte, which was as delicious as it was purdy.

Yum. #tea #matcha #SLC #trainingday @labarbacoffee

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So, if you're in Salt Lake City, be sure to pop into La Barba for some of our tea! And if you're a cafe or restaurant in Oklahoma City, and are interested in offering a great curated selection of tea, please contact us via our handy website form! or email us at

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