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August 29, 2016 - Comments Off on rapid adaptation

rapid adaptation

The economic problem of (an organization) is rapid adaptation to changes in its particular circumstances. Then, the ultimate decisions must be left to the people who are familiar with these circumstances, who know directly of the relevant changes and of the resources available to meet them. This problem cannot be solved by first communicating all this knowledge to a central board which then issues its orders. But the “man on the spot” cannot decide solely on the basis of his limited but intimate knowledge of his immediate surroundings . There still remains the problem of communicating to him such further information as he needs to fit his decisions into the whole pattern of changes of the larger (organizational) system.

-- Friedrich Hayek, Nobel Laureate in Economics

My thoughts...
These phrases jump out at me, “rapid adaptation” and “people who are familiar with these circumstances.” The main problem in large scale projects and integrated solutions, is that the people familiar with the circumstances and the right solution are rarely consulted when decisions are made, causing “rapid adaptation.” It is a vicious cycle of infinite regression, where the people with the least context, continually set the forward looking vision. Future looking roadmaps created by Vice Presidents of said company are an example of this style of decision making--rarely right they prophesize their own demise with the creation of boundary oriented documents.

The horizon strategy seems much more pragmatic, look toward a point on the horizon, and judge the success of the project by the accomplishments of goals leading to that point on the horizon. Instead of swimming lanes with product features that are endlessly edited and erased.

August 15, 2016 - Comments Off on This Tree of Ours

This Tree of Ours

If this community is a tree,
we are roots, and bark, and trunk,
with limbs, and leaves and blossoms.
Yes, you and them,
him and her,
he and she,
each a part of this beautiful tree.

Our roots find their way through the soil,
digging through dirt rich in the blood of martyrs,
testimonies and teaching feed our growth.

Beneath this layer is the bedrock of our faith,
this Jesus — the beginning and the end,
the living word, God incarnate.

His spirit is the aquifer flowing throughout,
bringing living water upwards to quench our thirst,
for life, for meaning, for faith and grace.

Teachers and preachers establish our trunk,
Words and pictures of how we are to,
react and respond in the ups and downs of life.

Our tree is encircled with a protective bark,
those who serve among us,
arms wrapped around, pulling us together.

The sap beneath our bark, is our lifeblood,
encouragers whose words are sweet, and long lasting,
through dark nights and long winter days.

The apostles among us grow outward,
branches and limbs ever expanding,
a covering from the storms around us.

The new shoots and leaves are our prophets,
soaking up the SON, they spur us upward,
for a season they do their work, and then rest. abide.

The blossoms are the merciful,
their beauty draws us in, healing flows from their nectar,
their prayers prepare us, for the coming harvest.

Producing fruit is why we are here,
planted in this place, in this soil,
justice, peace, and grace are the flavors we create.

The Gospel Message then is found,
is acted out, is incarnate… in us,
in these pews.

This community is a tree,
we are roots, and bark, and trunk,
with limbs, and leaves and blossoms.
Yes, you and them,
him and her,
he and she,
each a part of this beautiful tree.