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December 9, 2015 - Comments Off on RIP Doug Tompkins — a true explorer and conservationist

RIP Doug Tompkins — a true explorer and conservationist

I've always admired Doug Tompkins, as much for his experience and leading expeditions and his ecological perspective. He was brilliant as Yvon Chouinard's counterpart in 180° South, and opened my eyes to conversation as more than something you support, but as something you live out. His commitment to Deep Ecology, took him to take his profits from his sale of North Face, and Espirit and invest them into land trust in South America, for the specific goal of creating a large national park for the people of Patagonia.

Proponents of deep ecology believe that the world does not exist as a resource to be freely exploited by humans. The ethics of deep ecology hold that the survival of any part is dependent upon the well-being of the whole.


His death, at 72 is a huge loss, as he had much more to give to the land and the people that knew him. His legacy will live on, both in the movement he has helped create, and the land he has bought to protect. Godspeed Doug.

And for some extra viewing... here is his outspoken views on Technology and Nature // A Clash of Concepts.

December 4, 2015 - Comments Off on for the love of coffee and tea

for the love of coffee and tea

Quick trip to Salt Lake City this week to attend La Barba's annual shareholders meeting... was a great time to catch up with the team and see where the brand is going. Josh, the CEO, also asked the question, "Why did you want to get involved in Charming Beard (now La Barba) in the first place, and what do you want out of this as shareholders?"

A great question.

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